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Data center

Better Performance and Value for the Enterprise
CSI networks data center solutions help our customers deliver outstanding business results every day. From robust application availability to expert global support, CSI networks continues to simplify data management for enterprise IT organizations.


Business Application

Simplifying the management of mission-critical business application environments.
Business applications such as ERP and CRM are vital to businesses, giving employees in offices around the world access to accurate, up-to-date, business-critical information.
Whether you have one application system or many, storage of the related information is critical. Companies are continually looking for solutions to minimize their application downtime and increase employee productivity while spending less. In addition, Web-enabled business applications often experience poor performance across the corporate network due to WAN latency, heavily loaded servers, and congested, low-bandwidth connections. This further reduces employee productivity and the return on investment in enterprise application software and infrastructure.
Specifically Designed For:
•IBM Content Manager
The Solutions
Comprehensive Network Appliance storage solutions provide a highly available and reliable infrastructure that enables users and administrators to maximize productivity.
The CSI networks solutions for business applications help companies increase the return on investment of the application by reducing downtime and increasing productivity without additional overhead


Making complex database environments simple to manage with the lowest possible total cost of ownership.
Information fuels business. But rapidly growing data demands that you start thinking strategically about information utilization and your storage infrastructure. Your enterprise requires tightly integrated solutions that deliver the highest level of availability and scalability for your mission-critical business applications.

Specifically Designed For:
• Oracle®

• Microsoft® SQL Server
• Sybase


The Solution
The combination of CSI networks storage solutions with industry-leading enterprise databases allows you to do more while spending less. CSI networks storage solutions provide a highly available and reliable infrastructure to keep your database up and running, enabling users and administrators to maximize productivity.

Reduce Costs
CSI networks helps organizations reduce investment, operational, and management costs by reducing complexity. A single operating system across the entire product line reduces operating and management costs. The flexibility to accommodate multiple applications and multiple protocols on a single storage device (unified storage architecture) increases asset utilization.
Increase Business Responsiveness
CSI networks infrastructure allows your organization to adapt to changing business paradigms and processes. Data availability with minimal downtime is a business imperative. CSI networks offers fast database backup/restore and cost-effective disaster recovery solutions, with the ability to conduct speedy application upgrades, realize faster QA cycle times, and accelerate data/application access, thus helping you drive excellence across your operational infrastructure.

Seamless Integration
CSI networks products seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and business processes, allowing you to store data from all your databases and applications while integrating with all your protocols and all open operating systems.

Investment Protection
The CSI networks unified storage product line, augmented with tightly integrated partner offerings, CSI networks Global Services offerings, and Global Support organizations, ensures continued investment protection regardless of your future application or access requirements.

Server Virtualization

Flexible server and storage pools lower total cost, simplify management, and improve provisioning and utilization rates.
Design and deployment of a virtualized x86 server infrastructure is a powerful approach to lower costs, improve manageability, and dramatically increase utilization. The ability to rapidly provision virtual machines, to quickly replicate and move workloads, to cost-effectively scale-out, and to non-disruptively add capacity as needs arise, is transforming the way IT professionals approach asset allocation and management. Selection of a server virtualization solution requires careful consideration of many variables including operational requirements, performance needs, and cost objectives. It is equally critical to develop a storage and data management strategy that supports and compliments the benefits of your server virtualization design.

Server virtualization solutions range from powerful enterprise and commercial solutions from VMware and Microsoft to open source offerings such as Bochs, Xen and UML (User Mode Linux). Supplying storage to a virtual server should be simple, flexible and cost-effective. Failure to consider cost-effective storage optimization in the planning and deployment of a server virtualization design can simply transfer cost from servers to the storage infrastructure.
Unified storage solutions from CSI networks uniquely compliment virtualized server environments by providing:
•Flexible storage aggregation across heterogeneous storage environments
•Scalable performance that meet the increased I/O demand from virtualized servers with high-utilization rates
•Automated data protection for virtual machines with near-zero performance penalty
•Multiple snapshot copies and 'hot backups' of virtual servers, without adding disks or impacting servers
•Cost-efficient virtual storage, powerful thin provisioning and simplified data protection
•Powerful unified data management solutions across NAS, Fibre Channel SAN and iSCSI SAN
•Application integration with Enterprise applications including Microsoft Exchange, Oracle and SAP

Backup and Recovery

Dramatically improve backup and recovery service levels for any environment.
Data is growing at an alarming rate. Traditional backup and recovery mechanisms are stretched to the limit. The lack of a backup window in many enterprises further escalates the problem. Protecting multiterabyte storage systems with tape media can far exceed reasonable windows for both backup and restore. Organizations require a strategy for preserving and retrieving critical data residing across distributed enterprise environments.
CSI networks offers next-generation disk-to-disk backup solutions that are faster and far more reliable than tape. CSI networks D2D backup solutions simplify backup for any storage environment, from the data center to the remote office, at a cost comparable to or less than tape.
• Dramatically improved service levels.
Delivers the 99.9959% reliability of an enterprise-class storage array along with significantly faster backup and recovery performance.
• Simplified management.
Eliminates the daily burden of backup or recovery failures. Integration with leading backup applications minimizes changes and enables use of familiar management tools.
• More affordable than tape.
Reduces administrative requirements by as much as 75%. Data reduction technologies such as de-duplication and compression lower capacity requirements and cost.
CSI networks offers two families of D2D backup solutions to either optimize an existing tape backup infrastructure or reduce reliance on tape by storing more data cost -effectively on disk.
Optimize Existing Tape Backup
The CSI networks Virtual Tape Library solution, NearStore® VTL, is designed to optimize an existing tape infrastructure with minimal changes.
• D2D backup and recovery with NearStore VTL
Reduce Reliance on Tape
CSI networks SnapVault® technology is based on the replication and vaulting of Snapshot™ backups. In addition to being fast, SnapVault is very storage and network efficient, allowing a greater number of backups to be affordably stored on disk. SnapVault technology can also efficiently move backups over existing networks to centralize backups or move them off-site for disaster protection.
• D2D backup with CSI networks storage and SnapVault
• D2D backup for any storage with the joint SnapVault and Symantec® NetBackup™ solution
• Remote office backup and recovery


File Services

Bringing availability, reliability, and efficiency to collaborative environments.
File sharing, database, and messaging applications are critical to successful enterprise operations. System downtime, unavailable data, or hindered processes affect a company's success. To support increasingly complex and distributed environments, many organizations are challenged with managing a growing proliferation of servers and dispersed data storage. CSI networks consolidation solutions simplify management, increase availability, heighten productivity, and reduce costs in collaborative environments.
Specifically Designed For
• Windows® File Serving and Home Directories
• UNIX® File Serving
The Solution
CSI networks offers highly available, scalable, and cost-effective storage consolidation solutions that incorporate the CSI networks unified storage platform and the feature-rich functionality of data and resource management software to deliver storage that improves enterprise productivity, performance, and profitability, while providing investment protection and enhanced asset utilization. CSI networks enterprise-class storage solutions are proven interoperable across all platforms and backed by our service expertise.

Techinical Applications

Technical applications solutions are defined and often classified as applications that require very specialized high-performance software solutions typically for mechanical design, electronic design, software development, upstream oil and gas, and media and entertainment. While not limited to just these application types, they represent the top five technical applications for which CSI networks has developed a rich heritage in helping these customers manage, store, collect, and protect data associated with these technical applications. Companies running these applications are continuously looking for ways to accelerate time to market and cut costs. CSI networks storage solutions can help address both.
Accelerating innovation and time to market. CSI networks solutions deliver consistent peak performance, enable collaborative development environments, and provide high availability for technical applications
Reducing costs for technical application users. By streamlining your resources, the CSI networks solution increases the productivity, reduces your operating costs through improved asset utilization, shortens your design cycles, and gives your storage environment the flexibility you need–all contributing to lower overall production costs.
•Breakthrough performance and scalability. Enable non-disruptive capacity expansion and quick performance upgrades from entry-level to high-end configurations.
•Unmatched collaboration for engineering, design, development, and exploration teams. Teams can share files across all platforms through native NAS (NFS and CIFS), SAN, and iSCSI support, allowing maximum collaboration.
•Highest availability. Continuous data availability meets the needs of technical application environments.
•Unrivaled productivity. Manage increasing storage needs and support growing engineering, design, and production teams with ease, enabling them to focus on their
•More flexibility. The Data ONTAP® operating system combines the "just-in-time" storage advantages of thin provisioning with policy-based control for optimal application-level flexibility.

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