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iPower 960


The iPower 900 Series represents the next generation in collaboration solutions - harnessing the iPower™ architecture, developed in conjunction with Intel.

The iPower 900 Series PC platform significantly extends the value proposition of traditional videoconferencing. Rather than a stand-alone appliance utilized solely for video calls, the iPower 900 Series can be utilized for both long distance and local meetings, enabling meeting participants to conduct presentations, surf the Web, collaborate on documents, send email, and access corporate databases - spontaneously tracking down information that enhances productivity, eliminates "future actions" and spurs decision-making based on best-available information.

The iPower 900 Series currently consists of two product offerings. Both are multi-purpose computing and interaction solutions incorporating a Pentium-based PC, optimized for interactive collaboration. Key iPower 960 and iPower 970 benefits include:

900Ability to Easily Share Data

The iPower 900 Series includes several modes of data and information sharing.Э ImageShare allows users to plug in a laptop or PC, and at a touch of a button share it with the remote participants. Its built-in PC capabilities also eliminate the need for bringing a separate laptop into the conference room с information can be shared by showing the Windows desktop, via T.120, or via Web-based collaboration.

Unsurpassed Conferencing Reliability

Advanced technology ensures that each videoconferencing call connects the first time and stays connected, even in adverse network conditions.

Crisp Data Resolution

Groundbreaking technology manages resolution and allocates the appropriate frame rates automatically. All participants see the same high-quality images and data.

viewViewStation SP 384


High performance and extraordinary valueуViewStation SP is a fraction of the cost of competing systemsуintegrated systems ideal for small conference rooms, executives suites and professional offices. Great business quality video, plus audio and presentation capabilities. Fully interoperable with existing videoconferencing systems. Small enough to sit conveniently on top of any size S-video or composite monitor.

view1ipower executive


Personal, powerful, practical.

Polycomнs iPower Executive is a sleek, integrated video conferencing solution that for the first time brings high-quality, high-resolution video and data collaboration for personal use. The iPower Executive combines the unparalleled PC-based functionality of Polycomнs iPower technology in a convenient compact package that fits easily into any office or small conference room. This allows easy access to time critical information such as web content and email, right from the iPower Executivesн integrated PC system.

The iPower Executiveнs dual LCD flat panel displays allows for the simultaneous display of People and Content providing a more natural interaction to the video conference experience. The full resolution camera includes automated pan tilt zoom functions that track the appropriate speaker using iPower voice tracking technology.


SoundStation Premier (non-expandable)


SoundStation Premier delivers the world's best full-duplex audio quality for any conferencing situation - it's the closest thing to handset audio quality. Polycom's full-duplex technology allows you to talk and listen at the same time, just as naturally as if you were in the same roomуno clipping and no distortion like you get with ordinary speakerphones.

SoundStation Premier's dynamic switching microphones activate only one console microphone at a time, dynamically switching microphones between active talkers up to 256 times a second. Having one active mic, like a handset, means better audio quality у unlike other "summed mic" conferencing systems that give you that "in the well" sound. These are just some of the many features that make SoundStation Premier the leading conferencing solution.

State-of-the-art full-duplex technology rivals talking on a handset.
Hypercardioid microphones for 360° pick-up
Echo cancellation and automatic gain control.
DSP technology produces intelligent mic mixing for precision voice pick-up.
Neodymium speaker produces hi-fidelity sound with dynamic range.
16 digit LCD displays caller ID & time of day & duration of call.
Infrared remote control offers one touch dialing from up to 15 ft. away.
Requires an analog telephone line.

Available in 3 Colors: (North America only)
Sand Drift
Charcoal Mist
Blue Slate


SoundStation VTX 1000™


Revolutionary voice quality and clarity from up to 20 feet away.

The Polycom SoundStation VTX 1000™ with Polycomнs patented Acoustic Clarity Technology is truly a leap in voice conferencing technology. Itнs the worldнs first conference phone that automatically adapts to each meeting environment, providing high fidelity voice clarity for all participants. With the SoundStation VTX 1000, conference call participants can speak at a normal, natural conversation level and be heard clearly from 2 feet or 20 feet away from the microphone с even in large conference rooms. And, when two SoundStation VTX 1000 conference phones connect on a call, the phones automatically connect in VTX wideband mode, resulting in extraordinary clarity. SoundStation VTX 1000 is the voice platform for he future. No wonder Polycom is the #1 choice in conference phones, worldwide.

SoundStation VTX 1000 automatically evens out the volume on the far end. Whether a speaker is 2 feet or 20 feet away from the microphone, they will sound the same to the person on the far end.
The SoundStation VTX 1000 automatically selects wideband mode or narrowband mode depending on what type of phone is on the far end. If a call is placed to another SoundStation VTX 1000 then the phones will automatically connect in wideband mode.
The SoundStation VTX 1000 automatically turns off the microphones that are not being used by the person talking. Plus, it automatically reduces background noises by minimizing PC, projector, and HVAC sounds.
When you dial up for new software, the SoundStation VTX 1000, automatically downloads new software to your phone. This provides investment protection by allowing downloads of new voice enhancements and other media collaboration applications without having to purchase a new phone.
With independent input and output, Bass/Treble controls, and internal mic and speaker control for multiple uses and applications including external speakers, you can be assured that your conference provides amazingly clear voice quality for all participants.


VoiceStation 100


Big Sound for Smaller Rooms

Designed as a clear alternative to half-duplex handset speakerphones, VoiceStation 100 delivers professional quality conferencing to offices and other smaller meeting areas. Why wait for a conference room? VoiceStation 100 is affordable enough for just about any office, and is ideal for meetings of up to 4 participants. With its proven Polycom voice technology and stylish new look, VoiceStation 100 is the meet-any-time conference phone that will have everybody talking!

Product Highlights
Full-Duplex Performance - simultaneous 2-way communication so everyone can hear and be heard clearly.
3 microphones / 1 speaker (not expandable)
Combination Iconic / Alpha-Numeric Keypad
Mute, Flash, Hold, Redial
Data Port (on power supply)
Wall Mountable
Warranty 12 Months


SoundPoint Pro SE-220


With the Polycom SoundPoint Pro desktop Conference Phone, smaller rooms and individual offices get the same full-duplex clarity as the boardroom, with a front microphone optimized for hands-free, one-to-one phone conversation. You can have up to a 3-way unassisted conference right from your desktop, and dialing isЭquick with the 36-number speed-dial capability. Use it as a handset, in speaker mode, or attach a headset. Change modes with a touch of a key or by lifting the handset.


SoundStation® IP 3000


The promise of the single network is now fulfilled in the conference room.

Using your new or existing IP network, the SoundStation IP allows for an easy, effortless, and superior IP voice conferencing experience - all with professional sound quality that's nothing less than what you expect from Polycom. SoundStation IP is your future-proof choice for IP communications because it is field upgradeable so as standards develop and protocols evolve there's no need to replace the phones you buy today. Like our current SoundStation line of products, the SoundStation IP is powered by Clarity by Polycom™, our high-quality, award-winning voice communications technology.

Through joint development and interoperability testing with our Technology Partners, you are assured that the SoundStation IP will deliver optimal voice conferencing performance and reliability that is as natural as being there. With the LCD display screen and programmable soft keys, the SoundStation IP enables you to quickly and simply access the rich, advanced features of our newest conference room telephone.







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