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Nortel Meridian 1

The Meridian 1 Option 11C is a powerful system in a small package, supporting up to 700 lines. Option 11C supports the same first class desktop and system features as our larger Meridian 1 system, including digital telephones, in-building wireless communications, voice messaging, call center, PC-based system management, and multimedia applications. Option 11C can be configured for a single site or provide excellent multi-location ISDN Private Networking. The Option 11C's modular design allows you to easily and cost effectively add capacity and new capabilities on an as needed basis.
Option 11c highlights
Motorola 68040 Commercial Processor
The Option 11C packs the same power as the larger Meridian 1 system’s with the Motorola 68040 commercial processor. With the increased horsepower, the Option 11C is well suited for small call center and telemarketing environments. The increase in real-time processing power is seven times over the previous generation Option 11 system. This increase in processing capability enables Option 11C to support real-time intensive applications, heavy call traffic associated with call centers, sophisticated applications such as Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Customer Controlled Routing (CCR), and Integrated Voice Response (IVR) . This dramatic increase in processing power ensures that the Option 11C can support your business needs today as well as future applications.

Ethernet Connection
The new, Option 11C Ethernet connection provides an interface to Meridian Administration Tools Release 5 and can be used to deliver Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) alarm traps to open management work stations such as Cabletron Spectrum and HP OpenView. SNMP compatibility allows more efficient Meridian 1 alarm management to provide a unified view of network operations.

Remote Connection
The Option 11C is particularly well suited to be used in a network as a powerful, survivable remote, distributing network intelligence across sites. Option 11C expansion cabinets can be further distributed in your local area with fiber optic links extending peripheral equipment up to 2 miles (3 kilometers) away. The remote connectivity of the expansion cabinets is particularly attractive in campus-like or high-rise business environments.

Keycode Software Activation
With Option 11C, Nortel introduces a new software delivery system which enables software Feature Packages and Terminal Number (TN) levels to be activated via keycodes. This capability allows for much quicker and easier order fulfillment for software Feature Packages.

Easy to use digital phones
Meridian 1 Option 11C is easy for people to use. Meridian Digital Telephones bring all the powerful features and services of the Meridian 1 Option 11C to each desktop in your company, helping employees communicate better and improving productivity company-wide. You can choose from a wide selection of telephones to match the specific needs of each employee. Choose from a digital telephone portfolio which includes a single-line telephone, specialized sets for telemarketing, a variety of business telephone configurations that provide capacities from 6 to 60 keys for lines and features, modular displays for enhanced call coverage, and programmable data adapters to take advantage of sharing on-site and remote computers, modems and public databases

Companion in-building wireless
Need to be mobile throughout the workplace to get your job done? Companion Systems will enable you to stay in touch while on the move.
Companion Systems provide wireless mobility within a facility with the use of compact, lightweight Portable Telephones. There are no wires to tie you down, no static or dead zones. You are free to move throughout your workplace, walking, talking and working wherever you are in the facility. Companion Systems are fully integrated with your Option 11C, providing you with all the features and functionality of your desk telephone on pocket size Portable Telephones.

Effective voice messaging
Meridian 1 Option 11C voice messaging gives you the tools to provide personal and professional attention to everyone who contacts your company - whether by phone or by fax. Meridian Mail Card Option provides voice mail messaging as
well as a wide variety of other features for efficient message management. Meridian Mail networking can provide cost-effective and efficient voice messaging to any location in your network, delivering the same features to everyone in your company for simpler communications.

Call center management
Meridian call center products improve operating efficiency with functionality that also provides the best in customer service. Highlights include:
Efficient distribution of incoming calls through Meridian Automatic Call Distribution (ACD). More effective management through Meridian MAX IPE. Take an in-depth took at your call center, including queues, agent group and individual agent statistics with a comprehensive set of management tools. CCR Link Module provides specialized call routing through Meridian Customer Controlled Routing (CCR).

ISDN Private networking
Meridian 1 Option 11C is ready to help you take full advantage of Integrated Services Digital Networking (ISDN), a set of standards capable of transmitting fully digital communications (voice, data, fax and image) over the same facilities . Today, ISDN capabilities can display a caller's name and the incoming phone number over a private network. Option 11C with its increased processing power presents a very strong networking capacity that can fully take advantage of networking capabilities.

Outstanding investment protection
Option 11C is designed to accommodate future technological innovations and advances currently being pursued by our research and development teams. Nortel takes pride in its record of protecting customers' investments in communications over the long term. All the performance, value, simplicity and unparalleled quality you'd expect from Nortel, the leading manufacturer of digital communication systems, is available with Meridian 1 Option 11C.

Write a short description of the image here. It will show if the image is not loaded. Non visual browsers and search engines will also read this text.

Write a short description of the image here. It will show if the image is not loaded. Non visual browsers and search engines will also read this text.