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Improve Your Control over Communications
To succeed in today's accelerated business environment, you must respond swiftly to opportunities and requests, from both customers and colleagues. Captaris CallXpress Advanced Messaging can give you that competitive edge. With state-of-the art features like notification, networking and fax-on-demand, our voice messaging solutions allow you to maximize employee productivity and provide superior customer service.
CallXpress Advanced Messaging also offers the industry’s simplest management unlike many messaging products, our solutions are based on the popular Microsoft Windows 2000 platform, so your employees don’t have to learn a new skill set. And, you have room to grow: CallXpress Advanced Messaging scales up to 128 ports, integrates with both circuit based and IP switches, and can easily be upgraded to a Captaris unified messaging solution. Streamlining your communications with Captaris will help your company perform its best - not just today but for years to come.

Gain Greater Control of Voice Messages
With CallXpress Advanced Messaging, you can zero in on the voice message you need, without sifting through your whole mailbox. Choose which messages to listen to first oldest, newest, urgent messages, or those sent by a specific caller. Process multiple messages with a single command, or bookmark a spot in a message with one keystroke. Responding is faster, too: just touch a button and CallXpress Advanced Messaging will automatically dial the caller back, so you can speak in realtime. And, for those working across different time zones, CallXpress Advanced Messaging automatically adjusts the time and date of each incoming message to the subscribers selected time zone.

Leave the Office without Losing Touch
Have you ever had to dial in over and over to see if a critical call has come in? Or lost a customer sale because they didn’t receive a response in a timely manner? With CallXpress Advanced Messaging, you’ll never have to miss an important message again. Its user-friendly notification capability allows you to provide up to nine alternative contact numbers and instruct the system to notify you when a particular type of call comes in, so you can respond immediately.

Staying on Top of Communications. Improve Customers Experience
With CallXpress Advanced Messaging, you’ll be able to give your customers a wide range of service options when they call in. You can allow them to quickly access pre-recorded information such as your hours of operation and street address, request that data sheets be faxed to them, or reach an extension of their choice - 24 hours a day. Your employees can also tailor their own incoming call menus, giving callers extended options such as holding, transferring to a co-worker, or trying the employee on a cell phone or pager. And, if you serve a multicultural or international constituency, CallXpress Advanced Messaging allows you to provide prompts in up to five different languages.

Increase Productivity
Desktop Call Manager, an optional feature, helps your employees respond to customers more efficiently by allowing them to view all incoming calls from their desktop computer, even if they’re on the other line. Employees can see whose calling, the purpose of each call, and any caller information contained in your personal information management program or database, allowing them to route calls and address customer needs more quickly.

Minimize Your IT Burden
A good number of voice messaging systems are based on proprietary technology, which does not support open standards and requires a unique, specialized skill set to administer. In contrast, CallXpress Advanced Messaging is based on the popular Microsoft Windows 2000 Server.[1 ] Integration is easy, and employees can administer the system from any Windows 2000 workstation on the network.

Reduce Training and Administrative Demands
CallXpress Advanced Messaging can be introduced to your staff with little or no training from your system administrator. All Captaris messaging systems include Ready, Set, Go!, a subscriber tutorial that walks new users through creating their mailboxes, recording personal greetings, and setting their security code. And, when employees need to change their personal mailbox options, there’s no need to involve your IT team: employees can make the changes themselves using PhoneManager.

Bridge Multiple Locations
If you have more than one business site - whether across the street or on another continent – youll be able to link it into the same messaging system, using the optional Networking module. Since Captaris solutions support analog and digital networking formats, as well as the industry standard AMIS and VPIM profiles, you can also network CallXpress Advanced Messaging with other vendors messaging systems.
Captaris also saves your IT team considerable time and effort in administering networked sites, through its Global User Administration module. With this optional capability, your administrators will be able see all network systems and user accounts in a single, unified view, and perform administrative changes across multiple systems simultaneously. Captaris also supports digital networking with automatic synchronization of user and server data across the Internet.

Sustain Your Investment
As your company grows and your IT infrastructure evolves, your investment in CallXpress Advanced Messaging will continue to pay off. If you migrate from a circuit-based switch to an IP switch, CallXpress Advanced Messaging can migrate right along with you, since Captaris applications integrate with over 150 PBX switches, both analog and digital. And, when you are ready for an enterprise-level messaging solution, you’ll be able to implement it at a significantly lower total cost of ownership by seamlessly upgrading to a Captaris Unified Messaging solution - providing access to various message types via a single interface.








Write a short description of the image here. It will show if the image is not loaded. Non visual browsers and search engines will also read this text.

Write a short description of the image here. It will show if the image is not loaded. Non visual browsers and search engines will also read this text.